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Buddy and Bea are two second graders with distinct personalities. New girl Bea is irrepressible – spontaneous and unfiltered. And Buddy is quirky – dreamy and a little spacey. When Bea arrives, she gloms onto Buddy, and their combustible personality combo makes for numerous, humorous flare-ups.


When the planets realize that Sun is 4.6 billion years old, they decide to throw a birthday party. They invite everyone from their solar system, since Sun is their own special star!

After taking refuge in a grand old theater, a resourceful and endearing little mouse falls in love with dance, wins the heart of a ballerina -- and at last finds a welcoming home!

This book has been featured on the merchandise tables at NYC Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Calling all budding grammarians! Greedy Apostrophe is on the loose!

"One punctuation mark, and one alone, refused to take the solemn Punctuation Mark Oath. And that was GREEDY APOSTROPHE!"

   Frozen noses
   Tingly toeses
   Sniffle, Snuffle
   Winter's cold!
   Better bundle!
   Quiver, shiver
   Booted, buckled

For young truck lovers, and those who love them. "Keep your lights on the road," Big Truck tells Little Truck. But when Big Truck has to go into the shop for a repair, will Little Truck be able to drive to the Greenmarket in the big city -- all by himself?

Attention, young scientists!
Take out your notebooks!
Beast is funny and furry --
and his behavior is definitely beastly.
What is the nature of this beast?
Now he's hanging from the chandelier!

'Manda's having a dark day until Aunt Ruby snuggles up and suggests she makes a list of things she loves. Guess who's top on 'Manda's list? She loves her Aunt Ruby!

Perfect for a first book about Valentine's Day.
One heart on the bathroom mirror
One heart in a shoe
One heart by my mommy's mug
To tell her "I love you!"

You're my little bundle bear.
Snap up, wrap up wooly wear.
We go here, there, everywhere
'Cause I love you!

The Elf's Rules for Union Square:
No children
No dogs
No food

It was the eve of Valentine's Day.
Even the moon was celebrating.
Inside the coffee shop,
can Isadore win over Athena?

Mr. Porkpie wants to take Rosie's picture,
but Rosie feels all pig-wriggly.
She'd rather roll in the mud.
Uh oh! Get that pig!
Rosie's running hog-wild!


A novel for adults

"Carr is capable of great tenderness, and her playful, pun-filled voice is a delight." -- Starred Review Publishers Weekly