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Illustrated by Ivan Bates

For all young truck lovers, and those who love them.

"Keep your lights on the road!" Big Truck tells Little Truck as they drive to the Greenmarket in the big city. But what happens when BIg Truck has to go into the shop for a tune up? Will Little Truck be able to handle the trip by himself? This book is perfect for young truck lovers, ones who might be a bit worried about separation themselves.


When my son was little, he loved trucks. Every night, when the garbage trucks rumbled past at 3 in the morning, he would pop out of bed, run to the window, and call, "Guck! Guck!" And whenever we took a walk in NYC, we had to stop at every construction site and watch the bulldozers and backhoes. Until then, I was truck-ignorant. I hadn't even known what a backhoe was!

My son was also in preschool, and he sometimes got teary when it was time to say goodbye. So that's how I got the idea of a Little Truck that had to separate from his Big Truck and venture out on his own. It's a book about separation. Little Truck has the courage to separate because he knows he has the love and support of Big Truck. That love and support is as warm and fuzzy as an actual security blanket.

I've been really happy that so many people liked this book. I was really proud of it when I finished it. And I'm still proud of it!

Keep your lights on the road!