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Yo, Stephen Colbert!

These days, when books can have a shorter shelf life than tomatoes, writers have to be swift and savvy getting out the word. They also have to be shameless self-promoters -- like Stephen Colbert!

My good friend Valerie Sayers, Chair of the English Department at Notre Dame and novelist extraordinaire, has a new novel out, The Powers . Since Valerie has a quirky literary niche – South Carolina Catholic – she would love to get the attention of said Mr. Colbert, who, as it happens, was also raised Catholic in South Carolina. Spooky, right? Valerie’s husband Chris Jara made this video to capture the attention of the folks at The Report.

Yo, Stephen! Are you listening? Did this post come up on your Google alert????

And to other readers: Get thee to a book vending venue and nab yourself a copy of The Powers. It features Dorothy Day, Joe DiMaggio, and Walker Evans. How in the Sam Hill did Valerie manage that? Ah, read and see… Read More